Anonymous asked: hi i saw that you got a blue jump suit from amazon and i was wondering how were you able to figure out your size? I keep looking at the sizes and the sizing info and i just get really confused. Your help would be much appreciated thank you

I got a 36 regular, and I’m 5’6 and 33 around the waist and it fit me fine, I am basically flat chested so nothing really got in the way there either so i was okay. 

Anonymous asked: what is with people in this fandom with judging other players on aesthetic choices? "who even uses that hair" excuse me i can make my courier have a comb over and only ever wear prostitute clothes and no one can say otherwise

I know! It’s a damn role-playing game and everyone is up in arms about someones game and courier not looking the same as theirs and its aggravating. It dumb as hell that people act like obligated to say something about it, when they don’t have to say anything, like whoa sorry my game isn’t how you play it but it’s not your game. THESE GAMES WEREN’T MEANT TO BE PLAYED THE SAME WAY, THERE IS CUSTOMIZATION AND CHOICES BECAUSE IT’S NOT MEANT TO BE PLAYED THE SAME WAY BY EVERYONE. 


WOW! Okay, so somehow I have earned 1.3K followers. I don’t know how that’s even possible for me. I’m just a girl who sits in her room and cries over fictional characters. Anyway, I just can’t put into words how thankful I am for all of you. Everyone one of my followers, as well as the blogs that I follow, are just perfect in every way. I just don’t know what to say. I love all of you bloggers so so much 
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Anonymous asked: What is the armour that your character is wearing when modelling the Q-35 Matter Modulator? It looks sooooo cool :D

Courier duster from Lonesome Road

venusauras asked: Eggs?

they’re pretty cool

Anonymous asked: if he does, you can bring your fine ass ova here.

Nah I got that boy wrapped around my finger he aint leavin’ B)

Gatling Laser:

totalitariantuesdays asked: Take my blood I'm O-Neg, compatable with all the bitches

I don’t want anyone’s blood

Anonymous asked: leigon are red quantums are blue i want to patrol the mojave with you

well get your ass down here i’m ready to patrol when you are, but it’s hot as shit here yo.

nickofthelivingdead asked: Then it's official. We're friends. I second the previous anon's statement.