peoplemcnugget1 asked: Arg, i wish i didnt live in canada so i could afford some of ur cool stuff y does shipping have to b sooo much :(

I know it’s ridiculous out of the states.

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activetoxicbox asked: Hey my names Sebert and I was just wondering on the etsy as far as poster requests go what will you make custom?

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apolloween asked: If you're still taking gif requests, maybe you could do some of Harkness? He's my favorite NPC from Fallout 3.

You got ittt

nerdsandgamersftw asked: I didn't know you had a shop! Awesome stuff =]

Thank you so much! I actually have two one is mine and the other is mine and Paul’s!

giuseppimezzoalto asked: oh gosh um if you're still doing gifs please could you do some of james? :'0

I’m always doing gifs haha, so I’ll sure as hell try and do that for ya

comediccanadian said: Would you be able to make a gallery so we can pick and choose?

 fixed it friendo

whoajustchill asked: Please! Please! Please! Would you post some gifs of Jericho? He is my absolute favorite follower. (Btw ypure drop dead gorgeous)

Thank you! And I can sure as hell try

comediccanadian asked: In the pack of 12 pixel art on your Etsy shop are they all different or can you get multiples in one package?

If you want different ones just say it in the notes,or order a custom one I have the owb doctors, securitrons, some weapons, and the ED-Es so yeah

Anonymous asked: How do you make your gifsets? They're nice ^.^

I used FRAPS for in game footage and Photoshop cs5 friendo

pokedexterous asked: today i was walking to class and i saw this dude who looked like a short arnold schwarzenegger and i thought of u idk

Taking that as a compliment.

delsinsrowes asked: I'm not here to request anything I just want to say that you are 11/10 amazing

*cries* but ur so great 12/10 would follow over and over again

very-tumbler-much-reblog asked: Gifset of your favorite DLC?

You got it