matplaysgames asked: excuse me .-. where did you buy those stickers from? i need some ^^"

I made them my friendo! You can find them here :)


Ayyy ayy Ayyy thanks vaultt-tec for the stickersssss! Hella rad

arenasta asked: how does the 5x7 print thing work? is it of ed-e?

No It’s basically of any of the pixels or pixels set, I just use ed-e as a test for everything I do. So he happened to be the test for that 5x7. They are just a smaller choice from the 12x18s

Anonymous asked: Holla

hola como esta

colinfranz asked: my name is mississippi kentucky nice to meet u

vocalfld asked: Your name is Dallas Carlos? That's fantastic.

Texas and mexico all in one

What are all those tattoos?

So, it happened. This blog has officially reached 500 followers.
I was sitting and trying to come up with a way to say thank you, and then I thought that I should just do a follow forever thing. To everyone: thank you for giving me the motivation to work on my gifs and to run this blog. Thanks to the people that follow me - because you remind me that I have to do something to make it worth your while; and thanks to the people that I follow - because your work inspires me.
So, here we go!
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This letter goes from me, to you. You all are still as perfect as the day we met. (I would have played a song but I can’t)
intrepidcamisado asked: ur really cool

You too friend

pokedexterous asked: ok so yesterday i was walking past this girl and i swear to god she smelled exactly like campbells chicken noodle soup dude i had a 100% real fucking flashback to when i was 5 it was like i was there man it wasn't like any other soup like i know my soup she smelled exactly like campbells it was insane